Concerning Nathaniel Harris

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I, along with many folk from many different paths within the British Pagan and esoteric community, have attempted to ignore the unpleasant material originating from Mr Nathaniel Harris (currently ‘Nathaniel Mortlock’). However his continued vilification of me and many others within our community has prompted me to write this brief statement.

While anyone who is familiar with Mr Harris of old simply shakes their head and says (and I am paraphrasing to keep things polite) ‘oh dear, he’s up to all that stuff again!’, there are those who may not know him directly or who have only encountered his online material. There are also those who hear from him via mass spam mails, through deceptive Facebook accounts or other channels, who may simply wonder what on earth is going on.

The origin of Mr Harris’ vendetta against the esoteric network that I’m part of (The Illuminates of Thanateros or IOT) goes back many years, during which time he has altered the nature of his accusations several times. His harassment of numerous people, both from within that organisation and other parts of the British esoteric community, is a long running saga. More recently he has taken to accusing myself and various other people (his Mum, his Dad, his step-father, his partners former husband, a former neighbour, his publisher, two ex-partners and a large number of others) of participating in some kind of abusive cult.

I do not know the details of Mr Harris’ mental health, whether he is ill or simply nasty. What I do know is that some two years ago action was taken to remove a child from Mr Harris’ ‘care’. I was able to provide some evidence to the court and emotional support for some of those involved. The decision of the court was that the child in question be removed from Mr Harris and returned to a more suitable and safe family situation. There were multiple reasons why this action was taken against Mr Harris which, for reasons of child protection and confidentially, it is not appropriate to make public.

That being said, people who are familiar with child protection law in the UK will know that this kind of action is not taken unless there has been serious neglect of the child in question and they are at grave risk of further harm. Such safeguarding decisions are only made with the agreement of a variety of informed opinions including police, legal representatives, teachers, social services, family members, medical practitioners and others.

I can only assume that the accusations that Mr Harris makes about me and others arise because he is angry about his inability to maintain healthy relationships. In short, he is looking for people to blame for his own difficulties.

I am aware that by publishing this statement Mr Harris is likely to react badly; perhaps by increasing the volume of unpleasant messages he regularly sends to myself and others, or otherwise lashing out in his distress. My previous refusal to engage with the unpleasant and false material that Mr Harris produces was born out of the compassionate hope that he would find some form of suitable support (whether that be in a mental health or other context) and be able to transcend his current fixation. Sadly this has not yet happened but I earnestly hope that he can find some measure of peace and healing to address his own challenges and shortcomings.

Having explained, for the proverbial record, the background to Mr Harris’ current obsession with me I shall simply leave this information hanging in cyberspace so that, if Mr Harris feels like sending out another bunch of ranting emails or posting further wild accusations, others who are less familiar with his current modus operandi may be referred to it.

Best wishes

Julian Vayne

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